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Red Energy is a Solar Design Company that pushes the boundaries of alternative energy. With more than 13 years track record in solar installations for residential, commercial and Agriculture sectors. With this we have established a professional business, providing high quality solar solutions with excellent customer service and client relations.

Our mission is to make Solar within reach for the Agricultural, Tourism & Education sectors although we service all entities and individual needs.

Red Energy has Redesigned, Redefined & Redeveloped Solar Solutions to make them affordable and practical with the help of our Research and Development department we have made it possible for Farmers, Lodges and Schools to become independent of a Energy Supplier.

One day most farms will be Eskom independent and Off Grid

Expect the best advise for your specific power needs to become less dependent on unreliable and expensive electricity supply.


We help the Agriculture Sector Cut Costs & Grow

About Us

The Process to Power Independence



Off Grid
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Farm Installation
Off Grid


Measure your electricity consumption to determine your exact needs During this phase recommendat...
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Based on the monitoring data, the Solar System is designed based on your exact needs and available ...
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We manage the entire installation from start to hand-over Solar Panels on the roof Inverters ...
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Through online monitoring we can measure the plant’s performance to make sure it performs as it sho...
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Our Team

Jakes Joubert
Founder/Managing Director
Jan-Hendrik Vermaak
Sales Specialist - Gauteng & Free State
083 308 8519 jh@redenergy.co.za
Burt Groenewald
Sales Specialist - Limpopo
082 851 3392 burt@redenergy.co.za
19 Apr 2021
Farmers know the Power of the Sun
It’s what grows grains, ripens fruit, and looks over livestock. A bright sunny day means storms are at bay.  It’s this same power farms are now leveraging into solar electricity. Every s...
19 Apr 2021
Predictability Matters
Labor costs, access to water, weather and market conditions all vary every year. Solar panels for farm use can offset a significant portion of overall operating costs and create greater bus...
19 Apr 2021
Farming & Solar Power
A growing number of farmers are looking to solar to power daily farming operations. The cost of going solar has declined, enabling more solar installations across the country. You Work T...

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